What is Design?

Design has many meanings.

It is an action, the result of a process and the process itself. It is a domain of knowledge.

But it’s more. It’s Resolution.

Resolution is a word that embodies more than one meaning.

#1 Design to solve a problem

Design is a way to achieve the resolution of different kinds of problems.

Deep dive the First Meaning.

#2 Design for a change of view

Design is a discipline that requires you to be able to see things from many different points of view, thus constantly changing resolution.

Deep dive the Second Meaning.

#3 Design as an attitude

Design is discipline that requires you to be constant and rock solid, both in your methodology and personal beliefs and ethics, so being resolute.


Seeing things from different points of view.

The Second Meaning of Design is being able to switch between different points of view. Big picture or small details? High fidelity or rough illustration? Vision or execution? Choosing the right distance is crucial for the success of a project. Start designing without a vision and you’ll soon get feasibility problems and negative feedback from …

My Oath of Design

Recently, I’ve been thinking about my personal interpretation of what Design is. I read an article about the Oath of Design, which has been an inspiration for me. Immediately, I felt like my work as it was driven by a personal Oath, yet to be formalized.